RE: Feedback Regarding Overlay & Stream Overall (Ideas etc)

Just to reiterate;

The 4 sub boxes in the bottom + the subcount, does nothing for the viewer, only for you. 

Consider using the new space for bonus-hunt text, instead of the sub-boxes in the bottom.

The background behind the overlay, does not add anything of value to the viewer and is just contributing to the overall clutter. Consider making it a solid color. Dark blue-ish like now is fine i think.

Make the wager bar a graph, instead of text.

Add some more spacing between the main screen, cam and chat.

Profit/loss counter is a great addition! You should work on getting this designed as a bar/graph or something else more visual. 

Like I said. I like the overall yellow and play-ish/casino theme. Despite it being a little 90’s design-wise. But it fits you guys and your personality well! 🙂 


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