Promoting Hazcasino with lowered RTP to 84%!

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I can see that you are a affiliate for Hazcasino. I would like to point out one thing regarding this site.

For their casino games, slots, they have lowered the RTP for the most popular slots from the provider “PlayNGo” to 84%. RTP is the “Return to player”, which is the teoretical return for a player calculated on indefinite spins more or less.

The standard RTP that is set for all casino games out there is around 94-98%, so this is a considerably high difference. If you were to deposit 100€ on a site with 84%, you would be able to play for around 100 spins. If you were to have 96% instead, you would be able to play for around 1000 spins instead.

The difference is HUGE, and this gives the casino such an edge that it is almost guaranteed EVERY single player will lose their deposit.

I would like to ask you to check this one out, and think about if it’s worth to promote this scummy casino. There are loads of other out there that are fair & square.

Below you find a screenshot, to be able to see the custom RTP set by, you have to filter the network log for requests to PlayNGo, and you will find what they have set. Usually you can find this information from within the game itself, but they have hidden that as well.

Screenshot of RTP:

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0 on September 4, 2020

Thank you for your feedback.

We contacted the casino and the provider and we removed them and other sister casinos with the same owner until we get answers about this issue. 

Have a great day.

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